Parts List and Estimated Budget

This is every part I bought for the swap, and how much I paid for it. The prices vary for everyone. The places where I purchased my parts is just where I happened to buy them from, probably for the cheapest price. Click here for a list of online stores that will sell the parts you need.

7/13/05 - Clutch line update:

Because of all the flaws with the SS teflon line and it's fittings, and all the problems people have been reporting to me, and the fact that I still can't get mine to stop leaking, I highly recomend NOT building your own SS teflon line.
Slowboy Racing now makes a machined SS clutch line for the 1g/2g/Evo8.
Click here

Part Name Notes Purchased Universalness Price
Clutch Master Cylinder 2G model uses seperate reservoir, 7G model uses it's own NOPI Online 2g/7G (see notes) $38.04
Clutch Slave Cylinder7G/2G are identicalNOPI Online2G or 7G$22.01
CF Shift KnobPurchased to replace OEM shift knobWhite's Pit StopUniversal$36.99
Transmission5spd transmission + many partseBay95 Galant$373.00
CF Shift BootDoesn't even fit an eclipse, let alone my galant. Waste of moneyeBay2G$26.26
Clutch fork + fulcrum ballSpecifically for 2G turboRoad/Race Engineering2G Turbo$65.00
Shifter BushingsStiffer urethane bushings Road/Race Engineering2G Turbo$13.00
ACT Streetlite Flywheel7bolt light flywheel for 2G turboeGay2G turbo/7G$185.00
ACT 2100 Clutch Kitincludes clutch disc, pressure plate, a throwout bearing, and a clutch alignment toolSlowBoy Racing, Inc.2G Turbo/7G$329.00
BG Syncro Shift IIyou will need 2.2 quarts, order 3 bottles (3 quarts)SlowBoy Racing, Inc.Syncro Shift I or Syncro Shift II will work$45.00
Aeroquip -3an fittingAER-FBM1100; - do not buy - see update ^Summit RacingUniversal$11.90
SS Teflon Clutch LineAER-FCC0306; - do not buy - see update ^Summit RacingUniversal$31.95
Earl Adapater -3anEAR-581531; - do not buy - see update ^NorthEast Race Cars & PartsUniversal$22.22
Ball Joint SeperatorUsed to seperate tie rod from hubKragen Auto PartsUniversal$9.99
Dot3 Brake FluidClutch fluidKragen Auto partsUniversal$3.89
Starter motorManual transmission starter motor; don't buy a remanufactured oneAutoZone7G 5spd$96.51
Some of these prices don't include shipping charges and tax. My grand total is all my receipts added up together, along with shipping and tax. I also added in all of the wrong parts I bought.

GRAND TOTAL: $1495.13